The ETC-UMA is an international research centre within the University of Malaga supporting since 2011 the development of knowledge to feed evidence-based policy. The ETC-UMA team has a wide expertise in a range of environmental and socio-economic domains. Its major areas of expertise include land management, urban sustainability, ecosystem services, coastal and marine studies, environmental conservation, territorial development, resource efficiency, and soil mapping.

Researchers of ETC-UMA are part of the core team of the European Topic Centre of Urban, Land, and Soil Systems (ETC-ULS) of the European Environmental Agency (EEA), who contribute to providing a Pan-European support to EEA experts. The major thematic areas of support to ETC-ULS are data collection, harmonization, maintenance, environmental assessments and technical reporting.

The Centre leads on and contributes to a number of international and European projects. Most recently, ETC-UMA is leading PANACeA project under the European INTERREG-MED program and it is a major partner within the SWOS project (Horizon 2020); it has also led the Med-IAMER project within the MED programme. It has contributed additionally to data development and analysis of several ESPON projects. The major contributions are in the arenas of regional data integration and harmonisation, indicators development, data validation, and the development of recommendations to support a wide range of stakeholders including policy, management, the scientific community, and the general public.

ETC-UMA´s applied research supports evidence-based policy enforcement. Our results target key regional policies including European environmental policy questions and the UNEP/MAP Barcelona Convention policies in the domains of environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources, and nature-based solutions.

ETC-UMA´s team is also involved in providing GIS and RS trainings to support managers and policy-makers in using research outcomes in their decision mechanisms.