Internship Programme: Offer Form

    Please provide a brief summary of the research purpose and framework of the offer, particularly if it is part of an undergoing project by your institution. Max 750 characters.

    Please specify in 3-5 bullet points the specific tasks the intern would be required to perform. Max 500 characters.

    Please state the essential requirements for the adequate development of the tasks in terms of training, language, IT, etc. Max 500 characters.

    Please specify here other valuable skills to accomplish the offer’s tasks (i.e. GIS and software programming skills, statistical analysis mastery, knowledge on particular thematic or territorial areas, team player…). Max 500 characters.

    Minimum 2 – maximum 6 months

    Please advice if the tasks should be performed at a specific time.

    Please state whether your institution can provide some financial support (including insurance) to the intern.

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