We are MED in the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community @ Alicante

The biodiversity protection community recently created under the umbrella of the EU Interreg Med programme has gathered with other thematic communities and projects during the “We are MED” community building event organized by the programme Joint Secretariat on 17 and 18 May 2017 at the Museum of the University of Alicante. Additional meetings with PANACeA project partners were also held on 16 May to strengthen multiple partnerships and agree on a common path for action.

The meetings were an excellent occasion to “break the ice” and get to better know the different horizontal and modular projects just launched after the first round of calls by the MED Programme. Various activities and workshops helped participants to identify links and synergies between projects and institutions, not only in terms of methodologies, but also in more content-oriented aspects and common objectives to reach. The MED programme strongly underlined the necessity to cooperate and join forces with the other MED communities – Blue Growth, Green Growth, Social and Creative, Efficient Buildings, Renewable Energy, Urban Transports and Sustainable Tourism to create impactful results on Governance in the Mediterranean.

The Biodiversity protection community was well represented through the participation of project leaders and partners of PANACeA and the Biodiversity Protection community of projects: ACT4LITTER, AMAre, CONFISH, ECOSUSTAIN, FISHMPABLUE2, MEDSEALITTER, MPA-ADAPT, POSBEMED and WETNET. The first external activities helped create an innovative mix of participants and a cohesive and cooperating atmosphere, while the “world cafe” gave the chance to further understand each other’s key roles and mission in the horizontal and modular projects respectively, identify strengths and weaknesses and move towards the development of an integrated Med community.

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Watch our second video here: https://youtu.be/j3I5AAA6kEE