The ETC-UMA leads a global study on the ecological effectiveness of protected areas

Researchers from the ETC-UMA and the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) have led a study on the effectiveness of existing protected areas at conserving the diversity of genes, species and ecosystems on land and at sea.

The publication synthetises the main biodiversity conservation outcomes of protected areas in the 2010-2019 decade, drawing on a systematic literature review of 76 peer-reviewed articles evaluating 1,221,798 protected areas in 36 countries.

The monograph provides region-specific results on ecological effectiveness. It also summarises results on major pressures to biodiversity in protected areas, and assesses effectiveness factors, showing case studies from around the World demonstrating successes and failures. Moreover, the book reviews current methodological approaches used to assess protected area effectiveness.

The work is timely, and aims to contribute to the 2030 targets established by the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Life Below Water (SDG 14) and Life On land (SDG15).

The publication can be accessed entirely or through its seven chapters here:


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