The 1st PANACeA Newsletter and Video for MED Biodiversity Protection online

Developed under the umbrella of the Interreg Med Programme, the new Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community was launched on 15-16 March 2017 in Marseille, under the project name PANAceA. This new community is bringing together public administrations, research institutions and conservationists in Mediterranean countries through the support of a strong partnership of European and Mediterranean environmental, scientific and policy organizations.

The PANACeA projects on Biodiversity Protection ACT4LITTER, AMARE, CONFISH, ECOSUSTAIN, FISHMPABLUE2, MEDSEALITTER, MPA-ADAPT, POSBEMED and WETNET are dealing with governance and management of coastal and marine areas, biodiversity monitoring, sustainable use of natural resources, climate change and scientific methodologies and innovation.

You can learn more about PANACeA’s Kick off Meeting in Marseille and the new Community through our recently launched newsletter. Read it here and don’t forget to Register to PANACeA’s newsletter  to receive future issues.

Prefer to watch a video on the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community and learn what is an horizontal project like PANAceA? Find out the answers in the 1st video of PANAceA