SWOS 2nd Hands on technical workshop: wetland mapping and assessment strategy. Thessaloniki, Greece.

This hands on technical workshop, is the second one of a series of hands on technical workshops that SWOS partners are carrying out in order to address adequately and comprehensively the research advancements in wetland mapping. The SWOS wetland mapping/assessment strategy is on the focus covering: a) the synthetic overview of each pilot site to showcase how specific mapping products i.e Water Surface Dynamics, Inventory and Delineation etc,  are harmonized and used in order to improve accuracies specifically of the LULC mapping and how the different mapping products address specific policies; and b) the two feasibility scenarios in applying MAES and the hybrid CLC & Ramsar nomenclature; one relying solely on satellite images and the second one based on satellite images and ancillary data/expert knowledge. Partners presented the status of the pilot site mapping done so far and discussed obstacles and potential improvements of the mapping process and strategy.