European Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Research and Innovation: Strategic science- science dialogue

The European policy dialogue is calling towards integrated actions to account for the ecosystem services that nature provides us with, and is stressing the need for new solutions to reduce grey infrastructure and innovate to find better solutions to socio-economic needs while supporting the restoration of habitats and the accounting of the natural capital.

ETC-UMA attended this meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on 29th February 2016 and was actively involved in this research to research dialogue.

Together with 50 other projects dealing with the European Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Research and Innovation, ETC-UMA targeted the identification of viable ways of collaboration between SWOS and relevant projects.

Fruitful outcomes resulted from this meeting and several collaborations were identified and followed on, including a potential common test site with the AMBER project, or the support that SWOS could provide to the LIFEPeatLandUse project in terms of identification of humidity within peatlands.