Redefining wetlands for better protection

Aware of the challenges that climate change and human activities are imposing on Mediterranean wetlands, the ETC-UMA, lead partner in the Interreg Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community, is co-organizing on 22 October 2020 in the framework of the EU Green Week, an online webinar on “Healthy wetlands: Our best natural answer to the biodiversity, water and climate crises”.

The purpose of this event gathering the main EU and Mediterranean players affecting wetland science, management and policies is to shed light over The Mediterranean case for wetland protection, management and restoration as it stands now, and discuss the gaps and needs identified for these undervalued and misunderstood ecosystems to survive. Building on the just launched EC Science to policy report presenting an ecosystem assessment covering the total land area of the EU as well as the EU marine regions, ETC-UMA Director Dania Abdul Malak will be addressing the status and trends of wetlands during the webinar, as one of the co-authors of this report.

The regional webinar in October will showcase the latest science, field work, policy and finance mechanisms that will support and inspire urgent agreements and actions to guarantee the long-term availability of these exceptional habitats, as well as strengthen their resilience in the face of the crises humanity is facing – especially when it comes to water and climate.  Divided in three main sessions – Setting the baseline: science and evidence; Inspiring initiatives and remaining challenges; and How can we move faster and more effectively to ensure the future of Mediterranean wetlands, the full day interactive debate will close with main recommendations and a call for action to safeguard the underestimated values and services that wetland ecosystems and biodiversity have been offering us and are an integral part of our Mediterranean society and livelihoods.

Participation to the webinar is open and free, and more than 100 people have already registered to event. If you want to join our interactive webinar, hurry up as the deadline to register is 20 October 2020.

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