ETC-UMA will lead project PANACeA under the European INTERREG-MED program

ETC-UMA will lead the project PANACeA under the European INTERREG-MED program. Panacea is a horizontal project granted under the specific objective 3.2 of the program, “Biodiversity and sustainable natural ecosystems through strengthening management and networks of protected areas”.

It defines a mechanism to increase the visibility and impacts of thematic projects’ results towards common identified targets through the specific activities:

  1. Synthesizing outcomes on natural protection and biodiversity conservation efforts.
  2. Engaging a stakeholders’ community and transferring knowledge beyond the project’s lifetime.
  3. Implementing a communication and dissemination strategy.
  4. Developing a long term capitalization tool ensuring evidence based policy enforcement.

The activities ensure an active community of Mediterranean actors meant to overcome sectoral borders by integrating knowledge, allowing a better informed multilevel decision-making on and management of biodiversity.

PANACeA supports the establishment of a two-way communication channel with the scientific community to ensure an effective policy-science interface in the Mediterranean related to biodiversity protection and sustainable development.

It ensures a long term strategic goal of the Interreg MED programme by creating impacts beyond the EU Member states & in the Mediterranean basin as a whole. It contributes to the implementation of both EU and UNEP/MAP Barcelona Convention policies in the domains of protection and conservation of biodiversity and natural resources, in protected áreas.