ETC-UMA Director supports the creation of a Nature Park in Sierra de Mijas-Alpujata in Malaga

On 12 January 2022, the ETC-UMA Director, Dr. Dania Abdul Malak, signed the petition by the Citizen’s Movement for the Nature Park of Sierra de Mijas-Alpujata collecting support for the designation of over 29,000 has of mid-mountain natural and semi-natural habitats as new Nature Park in the Malaga province, Andalusia, in Southern Spain. Home to 135 bird species, 36 species of orchids and over 30 threatened species, this coastal mountain range acts as an ecological corridor for over 50 km in the densely developed region of the western Costa del Sol. Such a Nature Park will help protect the area against multiple pressures derived from human activities like urban development and mining, while providing opportunities for sustainable development and enjoyment of ecosystem services by local populations.

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