Analysis of the devices necessary for the ecological monitoring of protected areas managed by Madagascar National Parks

Offering organization

Madagascar National Parks

Offer description

The management of a protected area is based on maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem in order to better conserve biodiversity through the ecological monitoring of conservation targets. Ecological monitoring is a core conservation activity; it is presented as the core of nature conservation worldwide. For decades, Madagascar National Parks has installed systems for monitoring fauna and habitat types (flora) that are not representative of the protected areas according to the conservation target, resulting in a lack of ecological information and false interpretations for the management of the protected area. Thus, the objective of this study is to determine the number of devices necessary for a protected area to manage it well and to have acceptable and reliable ecological indicators for good governance.

Required tasks

– Mastering the different ecological monitoring protocols (terrestrial and marine) for the different conservation targets.

– Combine the spatial data of pressure, targets and monitoring devices.

– Spatially analyze the areas and the different ecosystems of protected areas.

– Analyze the existing basic data of ecological monitoring.

– Capitalize the results.

Basic requirements

– Training: Biology, Ecology, Conservation of protected areas, Environmental sciences.

– Language: it is preferable that the internship masters French because all the documents to be analyzed are in French.

– IT: it is preferable that the internship is advanced in Excel, has a skill in database management.

Desirable requirements

Other skills such as knowledge of scientific statistical analysis (SPSS, R software), and GIS programming and satellite image processing.


6 months

Financial support provided?

Yes. The institution can help with internet connection and transport to the parks if needed.